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  • Empires upon empires upon empiresEmpresses and embassies and emissariesSun goes downNo more gamesNotes: carnation, leather, orris, moss, mint, ash, cistus.

  • Inspired by the relentless heat of the dog days of Savannah in August, Kiste is a saturated composite of honeysuckle blossoms, sweet tea and bourbon, sticky pipe tobacco and mashed peach meat suffocated in star thistle honey and baked under the sweltering sun until all that’s left is a...


    Stained glass syrupSerenades in damascone minorAllegory obscured / pastel woundA slurry of subtletyNotes: strawberry, rose, animal notes

  • Sunnesette claret embere stains the skie a lustre frigid blush, vale kindelene snowing stars to drope like feathers at a pineneedle floor; lofty wintrus seafrost aerate procede a causatume caesura of incadesce midnighte mane, shone crilliant coruscate flitterous & blusterous frore gale of...


    A swim with the caramel nettlesFlooded with dusky murkWish I could dream it again Notes: Oakwood, cocoa, mahogany, guaiac, dittany of crete, vanilla, whiskey lactone & peru resin

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items