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    Like high tide dried on skin, memories of the waves, sun and shore.Notes: Sea Salt, White Florals, Cedar, Ambergris and Musk.$10 from the sale of every bottle of Walk The Sea goes to charity!http://www.mikewilliamscomedy.com/cups-mission.html

  • A transparent metallic/herbal accord of star anise, crisp apple peel, spearmint leaf, ocean pine and bergamot twisted into hollowed tunnels padded in turquoise hues, dusted in sweet mossy mineral powder and blanketed with copaiba resin and sandalwood oil.

  • This classic model with its cool chrome finish fits perfect to the HEXAGON shaving brush and razor. The stand is not compatible to our other series.Weight: 234 g

  • HEXAGON - Shaving brush designed by Mark Braun, silvertip badger, handle anodised aluminum, graphiteSix corners - symmetrical beauty: The HEXAGON brush sits perfectly in any hand, regardless of whether it is slightly larger or smaller or more elegant. This is due to its hexagonal form; a semiotic...

  • This classic model with chrome finish offers a solid stand. With it you can put together your shaving set by yourself.The stand is compatible with the shaving brushes of the following MÜHLE series:CLASSICSOPHISTPURISTSTYLOKOSMOVIVOThe stand is compatible with the razors of the following...

Showing 85 - 89 of 89 items